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A Valid Will is one that fullfills the followings :

  • The will must be in writing.

  • The testator must be at least 21 years old.

  • The testator must sign at the foot of the Will.

  • The testator’s signature must be made or acknowledged in the presence of at least two or more witnesses present at the same time.

  • The two witnesses must also sign in the presence of the testator.
Important Notes on Will Writing :
  • The two signature witnesses cannot be beneficiaries of the will, or spouses of beneficiaries.

  • The testator must intend by his signature to give effect to the Will (in other words, he cannot be under any undue influence or any form of fraud, or under influence of drugs and alcohol).

  • Failure to comply can expose a testator’s Will to challenge and lead to expensive and time-consuming disputes.