Pitfalls of Intestacy Rules

The problems surrounding Beneficiaries determined by Intestacy law are :   No Control over who to give and what percentage to be given to beneficiaries. No Say over the appointment of Executor, Trustee or Guardian. If the deceased leaves behind a spouse and...

Will Survey

A team of 4 students from Temasek Polytechnic were commissioned by Simply Wills to conduct a marketing survey on the following areas in 2011 :

1. How many of those interviewed do not have a Will written;

2. The reason(s) why they have not written their Wills;

Estate Duty in Singapore

Estate duty is a tax on the total market value of a person’s assets at the date of the death. Estate duty has been removed for deaths on and after 15 Feb 2008!   The deceased’s assets, as a whole, are called an estate. A person’s estate includes : 1. All assets owned...