A team of 4 students from Temasek Polytechnic were commissioned by Simply Wills to conduct a marketing survey on the following areas in 2011 :

1. How many of those interviewed do not have a Will written;

2. The reason(s) why they have not written their Wills;

3. Their understanding of the intestacy rules;

4. Their opinion on the cost of writing a Will;

5. Their perception on who can provide the service;

6. Their understanding on the requirements of a valid Will;

7. Their understanding of Wills Registry.


Here are some of the findings:

  • 87% of the working adults in Singapore do not have a Will written yet;
  • 18% of those interviewed are considering making one.

Their age groups:

Age 21-30 : 15%

Age 31-40 : 30%

Age 41-50 : 35%

Above 50 : 20%


  • 18% of those interviewed accurately indicated that there are 9 intestacy rules.
  • 51% of those interviewed thought that a Will made must be registered with the Wills Registry to be recognized as a valid Will.


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