I wasn’t really ready to make a Will when Mary shared with me about Will writing some years ago. It was only during the time when I was seriously ill and looking at my young children, I suddenly realized that life could be so vulnerable. I wouldn’t know what would happen to me next, hence, I decided to write one. I wanted to ensure that my children would be taken care of by the people I trust and decide on how my monies would be used to ensure that my children got the best out of their growing up, if without me. People used to say that talking about such topic is a taboo. I strongly feel now that without preparation and believing that there will always be ample time to prepare for anything would be the greatest mistake. Honestly, I’m much relieved now that I have made my Will, knowing that my children will be taken care of should any unfortunate happens to me. Thanks Mary for the good follow-up with me on making a Will.

Satisfied Customer : Mrs Susie Kwan, Assistant Manager



We provide professional Will writing service. We follow all the legal requirements in writing Wills strictly. Our Standard Will @ $300 includes the following provisions :

1. Personal particulars of testator;

2. Revocation clause;

3. Appointment of executor, trustee and guardian;

4. Defining rights and powers of executor and trustee;

5. Standard provision for real properties, insurance policies and joint accounts;

6. Distribution of residuary assets to beneficiaries by percentage;

7. Naming of beneficiaries for residuary assets up to 3 levels;

8. Common disaster clause;

9. Witnessed by 2 of our staff;

Note : We provide free verbal translation (for non English speaking clients), if necessary.


Special Discount :

> Husband & Wife Mirror Wills : S$540


Other Requests

> Additional clause : $50 per clause

> Duplicate Will : $50 per set

> Rewriting of Will : S$150 per Will for our existing clients

> Wills on the Wheels : S$500 per Will


Complete Your Will in a 3-Step-Process


Step 1

If you like what you see, you can download the Fact Finder form, complete the form and email the completed form back to info@makeawillsingapore.com or Submit Online

Step 2

We will contact you once the Will is ready (usually within 7 days) and arrange for you to meet us at our office to finalize and sign your Will.

Step 3

The actual Will will be presented to you at our office and every clause in the Will explained to you in plain English before you finalize and sign it. 

Note – You will keep the Will at a safe place unless you are using our Safe Keeping Service.