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Will Writing Services

What are the BENEFITS of making a Will?

Mr Patrick Chang, founder of Simply Wills, explains with real-life examples.

Will Writing Singapore

More than 15,000 Wills written to-date, delivering dedicated professional will writing services at affordable fees.

Simply Wills and team have written more than 15,000 Wills and helped more than 500 families in applying the grant of probate/letters of administration. We can help you too, talk to us today.

Read what our satisfied clients say about our dedicated professional service.

“We’re grateful to Mary for introducing us to Will writing! Mary was very clear and detailed in her explanations. After listening to all the pros & cons of writing a Will, she managed to convince us that we should have one. Patrick was very professional & happily acceded to our last minute insertion without any fuss. The whole process was smooth & fast. We’re very happy with their services and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is interested to make a Will. Honestly, we’re much happier after making the Will, knowing that everything will be taken care of should any unfortunate happens.”

Mr & Mrs David Lee
Sales Director & Accountant

If you are married with kid and when you are no longer around, your parents gets NOTHING?

According to the Intestacy Rules, surviving spouse and issues, spouse 50%, Issues 50%

If you are single and when you are no longer around, your fiance or girlfriend gets NOTHING?

According to the Intestacy Rules : No spouse, no issue, Parents 100%

If you DO NOT have a Valid Will Written and when you are no longer around, the laws decide on your asset distribution?

According to the Laws of Intestacy in Singapore, in the absence of a Will, your estate will be distributed in accordance to Singapore’s Intestate Succession Act.

A Will will ensures that all your assets, no matter how abundant or how modest, are properly distributed according to your wishes after your death.
Will Writing Services Singapore

Take time to look at your Asset Distribution now!

After working hard to build our personal wealth, it is natural for us to see how this wealth can be successfully distributed to the next generation before we are gone! Having your Will Written is the first step towards planning for your loved ones.

Will Writing Services Singapore

What are the common misconceptions of making a Will in Singapore?

The following are some common misconceptions that hinder one from making a Will in Singapore. Don’t let it happen to you.

intestacy law

What is intestacy law and why it matters to us?

Do you know in the absence of a Will, your estate will be distributed in accordance to Singapore’s Intestate Succession Act, commonly known as the Intestacy Law?

What are the 13 Pitfalls of the Intestacy Rules?

Do you know the 13 Pitfalls of the Intestacy Rules , and why you could potentially be missing out something if you do not have a Will written? Learn more.

Writing a Will is one of the most important things you can do.

By making a Will, you can express your wishes, ranging from equitable asset distribution to honoring relationships with family members and friends, or charities. You decide how you want your asset to be distributed to the people you care about, even when you’re no longer here.  > 101 reasons to make a Will
7 benefits of making a will

What are the 7 Key Benefits of Making a Will?

Understand the 7 benefits of making a Will might help you to make better informed decison on writing your Will. Learn more.

Yes, you don’t need a lawyer to write a Will. You can write your own Will.

A poorly constructed Will is worse than No Will. A Valid Will is one that fulfills the 5 key aspects. > What constitutes a Valid Will?

making a will

Read what our satisfied client says about our dedicated professional service.

Will Testimonial
“I wasn’t really ready to make a Will when Mary shared with me about Will writing some years ago. It was only during the time when I was seriously ill and looking at my young children, I suddenly realized that life could be so vulnerable.

Honestly, I’m much relieved now that I have made my Will, knowing that my children will be taken care of should any unfortunate happens to me. Thanks Mary for the good follow-up with me on Will writing.”
Mrs Susie Kwan, Assistant Manager

Will Writing Services Singapore

Will Writing Singapore


Step 1

Complete and Submit Online Will Submission Form

Our Will Planner will proceed to make preparations for your Will writing upon receiving your Will submission form.

Step 2

Verify Details and Secure Appointment with Will Writer

Our Will Planner will contact you within 3 working days to verify your details and schedule your appointment with Will writer.

Step 3

Finalize and Sign Your Will at Simply Wills’ Office

Our Will Writer will present you the Draft Will, every clause in the Will fully explain before you finalize and sign the actual Will.

Still confused how to go about writing a Will?  Worry no more, talk to our Certified Will Planner Mary, today!