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common misconception will writing

Common Misconceptions of Will writing that hinder one from making a Will revealed! Learn about
made a will

Are these 101 reasons to make a Will complying enough to make you consider making one? Learn more.
Will survey

Will Survey reveals the alarming truth that majority of the Singaporean adults do not have a Will written. Learrn More.
Insurance Policies

There are two types of Insurance Policies that you might want to take note when drafting your Will. Learn more.
Will Terminology

This document outlines common Will Terminology to aid your understanding on the scope of Will Writing. Learn more.
intestacy law

Are you aware in the absence of a Will, your asset will be distributed according to Intestacy Laws? Learn more.
7 benefits of making a will

7 Benefits of Making a Will you won’t want to miss when deciding on your asset distribution. Learn more.
Wills registry

What is Wills Registry and how does it matter to us pertaining to making a Will in Singapore? Learn more.
CPF Nomination

What has CPF Nomination to do with your asset distribution according to intestacy laws? Learn more.
Schedule of Asset

The Schedule of Assets is an important document for Will writing. Download sample template here.
Pitfalls of Intestacy Rules

Understand the Pitfalls of Intestacy Rules is the first step to making informed decision about Will writing. Learn more.
Valid Will

A poorly constructed Will is worse than No Will. What constitutes a Valid Will? Learn more.
Estate Duty in Singapore

What is Estate Duty in Singapore and will it still affect you upon your deceased? Learn more.
commonwealth countries

This document outlines a list of Commonwealth Countries for your reference. Learn more.