made a will
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Some of us are not aware of the adverse consequences of not having a valid Will when we pass on whereas the rest of us are simply procrastinating.

The reason for making a Will varies from individual to individual. What’s yours?

I want to make a Will because :

01. I know the consequences for not having one!

02. I want my assets to be distributed in the way I desire!

03. I know this is the fastest way my family can get the money!

04. I don’t want any conflict to arise when I am gone!

05. I want all my loved ones to have a share of my assets!

06. It is costly not to have one!

07. The intestacy rules are too general and do not address my wish!

08. It will be too complicated for my family to handle my assets if there is no Will!

09. I want to do it before my medical conditions worsen!

10. It is a legal document that protects my interests!

11. I plan ahead!

12. It’s a simple 3 step process!

13. I don’t need a lawyer to write one!

14. It costs only a few hundred dollars to make one!

15. My Uncle left without a Will – it is messy!

16. It took me months to settle my Dad’s estate in the absence of a Will!

17. I don’t know if tomorrow I will still be around!

18. I want to do it early when my mind is still sound!

19. I saw the helpless look of my friend when her husband passed on without a Will!

20. I saw a son suing his mother over his father’s assets when a Will is not made!

21. I never take chance!

22. Life is unpredictable!

23. I know I will regret if I don’t make one!

24. I want my loved ones to be informed of how much I have left behind!

25. I want to decide what goes to who !

26. I don’t want to trouble my loved ones with what to do when I am gone!

27. I don’t want the law to decide what to do with my assets!

28. I want to be in control!

29. I want to be well prepared!

30. I want to have a peace of mind!

31. I want to give some to my parents!

32. My Dad will need more than my Mum!

33. My Mum will need more than my Dad!

34. I want to give some to my in-laws!

35. I want to give some to grandchildren!

36. I love my godson, he should have a share too!

37. I want to give some to my siblings!

38. I want to give some to my nephews and nieces!

39. I want to give some to my uncles and aunties!

40. I want to give some to my friends!

41. I want my elder son to have more share than the rest of my children!

42. My autistic son requires someone to take care of him when I am gone!

43. My youngest son is a serious gambler, I don’t want him to have equal share with his siblings!

44. My husband is unfaithful to me, he doesn’t deserve my share!

45. Though I am not divorcing my unfaithful wife, I don’t want her to have anything!

46. I want my daughter to have my house as she is the only one contributing!

47. My son is a spendthrift, I want his sister to look after him!

48. I want my grandpa to continue to have his therapy even if I am gone!

49. My daughter is mentally challenged, I want to make sure she is in good hands!

50. All my unfilial children shouldn’t get anything from me!

51. My wife is already so successful, I want to leave all for my parents!

52. My parents are already well-to-do, I want to leave all for my wife!

53. I am rich I want everyone to have a fair share!

54. This is the way to show my family that I love them!

55. I want to put my words into action!

56. I don’t want anyone to challenge or doubt my wish!

57. I want my family to be able to receive my estate immediately when I am gone!

58. It costs less to have a Will!

59. It makes life easy for my family!

60. It simplifies things!

61. Life is short!

62. If it’s not now, when?

63. I plan for everything, why not my asset distribution?

64. My children will fight over my assets if there is no Will!

65. I am preparing for the worst!

66. I will never forget how our siblings turn foes over my Dad’s assets!

67. I want to do it before any complication arises!

68. It is something you don’t want to miss!

69. It is part of succession planning!

70. It seals one important chapter of my life!

71. I want to decide who I can entrust my estate and monies to!

72. I want my second son to take over my business!

73. I don’t want my house to be sold!

74. I know who will be a better guardian for my children!

75. I want to appoint the guardian of my children!

76. I want to appoint the trustor of my monies!

77. I want to appoint the executor of my Will!

78. I don’t want the government to have it!

79. I want to donate to spiritual organizations!

80. I want to donate to charitable organizations!

81. I want to answer to myself!

82. There is no good reason for not having one!

83. I am single I want to be sure!

84. My girlfriend will have a share if I make one!

85. I know my brother will love my Rolex watch!

86. I want my best friends to take over my cameras collection!

87. I want someone to take care of my dogs!

88. I want to support pets society!

89. Nobody knows what I want better than I do!

90. I would be a fool not to do so!

91. Nowadays, people die young!

92. Making a Will is a form of assurance to my loved ones!

93. I don’t wish to be penny wise, pound foolish!

94. I don’t want anyone to fight over my assets!

95. It is better to be safe than sorry!

96. It is my responsibility to do so!

97. It is never too early to make a Will!

98. It is never too late to make one too!

99. I feel that I shouldn’t be delaying any further!

100. It has always been in my checklists of important things to do!

101. It is the most sensible thing to do!