Writing a Will in Singapore

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Having your Will Writing done is key! Writing a Will in Singapore to protect your loved ones from the conflicts and inconveniences that arise from not having a Will written when you’re gone.

We provide Will Writing Service since 2006, and have written more than 15,000 Will to-date.

Writing wills is an important yet neglected part of financial planning. We are here to share the essential knowledge with you.

We sincerely wish that you will benefit from the information published on this site to guide you in your Will Writing.

This website is created to equip you with the essential knowledge of will planning. It aims to clear the air pertaining to the myths surrounding ‘Writing A Will in Singapore’.


In addition, it strives to highlight the importance of how asset distribution can be better managed according to your wish so as to provide you with peace of mind in its distribution.


You want to continue to fulfill the dreams of your loved ones for a better life ahead. You make every effort to ensure your wealth are distributed to them when you are gone.


You set aside assets or bought life insurance policies for the sake of your loved ones. Though you have it all planned out, your job can only be considered fully done when you have our Will written.


Only when you have your Will written, you know that you can protect your beloved ones from any inconvenience or conflict that arises as a result of NOT HAVING A WILL WRITTEN.


You should be the one to decide who shall receive your assets, and not leave it to the law. Therefore, it is important to have a clearer idea on :

  • What happens if you die without a Will (and if you have one)
  • How you can decide on the distribution
  • Important pointers to take note of prior to writing a Will
  • and more

In this website, you will also find following useful resources to assist you in your Will Writing. We wish you success in your Will writing.

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  • Pitfalls of Intestacy Rules. How do they affect you?
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  • 7 Benefits of Making A Will. It can benefit you too!
  • What Constitutes A Valid Will?
  • Wills Registry – What is it?
  • Estate Duty in Singapore – Does it concern me?
  • CPF Nomination
  • Insurance Policies
  • Commonwealth Countries
  • Understand Will Terminology
  • Schedule of Assets – Sample