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The following are some common misconceptions for not making a Will in Singapore.

The #1 Misconception

“A Will must be written by a lawyer”.

The requirements of a valid Will are set out in the Wills Act and it is not a requirement that a Will must be drafted by a lawyer.

In fact, anyone can write our own Will following the formalities and format provided in books, journeys or websites.

The main concern is what if our situation is slightly more complicated than what the template can offer?

In this case, you need to speak to someone with some practical experience to provide you an opinion. Always seek advice when you are in doubt.  

The other common misconceptions Will writing :

  • I am not rich. I do not need to write a Will;
  • I am single. I do not need a Will;
  • I am still young. I do not need a Will;
  • It is expensive. I cannot afford
  • It is complicated. I need to list all my assets on the Will.
In this website, you will find useful information on making a Will in Singapore and learn what to look out for when making a Will, or writing your own Will in Singapore. Now that you know that you do not need to hire a lawyer and you can  write your own Will, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily valid.

If you find that writing your own Will is too challenging for you, you can also engage our Professional Will Writing Service here in Singapore!

What is the price of making a Will?

If you engage a Will-Writing company or a law firm to prepare your Will, the Will Writing fees can be from $300 to $500 for a simple Will. If your Will is more complex, then it could cost $600 or more.

Go through our website and start understanding about the importance of Will Writing and take action to have your Will written today!