7 benefits of making a will
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Without a Will, the law decides who benefits from your estate and this may not be the people you would have chosen yourself. If you are not married to your partner, your estate does not necessarily go to him/her and he or she may not get anything at all.


If something happens to you and there is no surviving parent with parental responsibility of your child or children under the age of 18, then people you have never met, may turn out to be their legal guardian. Again, this may not be the person you would have chosen.

In a Will, you are able to express your wishes as to what should happen to your estate after you are gone. This is the way to show your family that you love them! It is the most sensible thing to do!

There are many benefits to make a Will. The 7 keys benefits are as follow :

1. Decide Who To Receive Our Assets

Decide on who shall receive and benefit from our assets rather than to leave it to the law to decide.

#2 Provide For Those Not Entitled Under The Intestacy Law

To provide for people who deserve to receive our assets but not entitled under the intestacy law.

#3 Decide How Much Our Beneficiary(ies) Shall Receive

Decide on the share of the assets to be received by beneficiary(ies).

#4 Appoint Executor or Trustee

Decide on who shall have the rights to administer the estate.

#5 Appoint Guardian

Decide on who shall has the rights to take care of the minors (children below the age of 21 years).

#6 Reduce Confusion

As the instructions have been clearly stated in the Will.

#7 Expedite Legal Process

Generally, it takes a shorter time and lesser legal fee to settle an estate with a valid Will than the one without a Will.