Benefits of Making A Will

Decide Who To Receive Our Assets Decide on who shall receive and benefit from our assets rather than to leave it to the law to decide. Provide For Those Not Entitled Under The Intestacy Law To provide for people who deserve to receive our assets but not entitled under...

Pitfalls of Intestacy Rules

The problems surrounding Beneficiaries determined by Intestacy law are :   No Control over who to give and what percentage to be given to beneficiaries. No Say over the appointment of Executor, Trustee or Guardian. If the deceased leaves behind a spouse and...

Will Survey

A team of 4 students from Temasek Polytechnic were commissioned by Simply Wills to conduct a marketing survey on the following areas in 2011 :

1. How many of those interviewed do not have a Will written;

2. The reason(s) why they have not written their Wills;

Common Misconceptions

The #1 misconception : “A Will must be written by a lawyer”. . The requirements of a valid Will are set out in the Wills Act and it is not a requirement that a Will must be drafted by a lawyer. The Law Society has indicated the same in their website:...