online will submission
Once we have received your Online Will Submission Form, our Will Planner will contact you within 3 working days to verify your details and schedule your appointment with the Will Writer.
Executor is a person whom you appoint to handle your assets. We recommend you to appoint your main beneficiary to be the main executor.
Substitute Guardian is applicable if you have children below 21 yrs old
Beneficiaries are individuals who will receive your assets which include cash in the banks, stocks and shares, motor vehicles, club memberships, etc. (all assets in your single name). Organizations can also be named as beneficiaries.
Main Beneficiary 1
Substitute Beneficiary 1.1
Contingent Beneficiary 1.1.1
Substitute Beneficiary 1.2
Contingent Beneficiary 1.2.1
Main Beneficiary 2
Substitute Beneficiary 2.1
Contingent Beneficiary 2.1.1
Substitute Beneficiary 2.2
Contingent Beneficiary 2.2.1
Main Beneficiary 3
Substitute Beneficiary 3.1
Contingent Beneficiary 3.1.1
Substitute Beneficiary 3.2
Contingent Beneficiary 3.2.1
Main Beneficiary 4
Substitute Beneficiary 4.1
Contingent Beneficiary 4.1.1
Substitute Beneficiary 4.2
Contingent Beneficiary 4.2.1
Main Beneficiary 5
Substitute Beneficiary 5.1
Contingent Beneficiary 5.1.1
Substitute Beneficiary 5.2
Contingent Beneficiary 5.2.1

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Should you need any assistance, please feel free to contact Our Will Planner.